Esther Mortimer and Harper MacKenzie have joined forces at M2 Dressage to create a truly positive learning environment for riders of all levels. Each brings a complimentary yet unique background and training style that supports progressive training for the horse and rider.

At M2, Esther and Harper strive to create an atmosphere that is structured and goal oriented with a good balance of fun and friendly competition. M2 is a place where riders thrive through the support of a wonderful team of coaches, helpers and clients all aligned toward positive learning and excellence in horse training and care.

M2 also has the competitive spirit of a show barn. Supported by Esther and Harper, everyone strives to be the best that they can be regardless of their level of training. M2 holds frequent schooling shows on site to keep skills refined and help settle the nerves for the “real world” shows locally or at Palgrave, Devon and other high level competitions. No matter what the event, everyone comes out to support!!

Esther Mortimer

Esther began riding almost as soon as she could walk and has been competing at the Prix St. George level since the young age of 9. Her early training came from her father Ralph Mortimer and she also trained with six-time Olympian Cindy Ishoy.

Esther has competed at a high level for many years. 1997 went to the North American Young Rider Championships placing 12th overall , she competed in one of the World Cup qualifiers, finishing 2nd. In 2002, Esther rode at the Championships of the Americas held in Quebec finishing 9th overall against competitors from North, South and Central America. Esther has also successfully competed in 2 Pan American Games; in 2003 on a wonderful Holsteiner stallion Cassandro and in 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico with Viva’s Veroveraar an 11 year old gelding by Viva Voltaire.

Esther has many years of experience as a coach and horse trainer, and has given clinics all over Canada. Her coaching style is very energetic and encouraging, while always pushing the horse and rider to do their very best. Esther is currently training and showing a number of horses at the Advanced level.

Harper Mackenzie Harper Mackenzie

Harper was a working student with six-time Olympian Cindy Ishoy and her partner Neil Ishoy for 3 years. He has also trained with Canadian Olympic team coach Norbert Vonlak . In the 2012 winter season, he also trained under six-time US Olympian Robert Dover in Wellington Florida.

Harper’s formal training makes him a strong technical coach and motivator. He also has 10 years experience running successful riding operations in Victoria, BC and Ontario.

Harper is currently training and showing a number of top horses at the Advanced Level.


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